The Lean Toolbox, 5th edition

The Lean Toolbox – 5th edition, English

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The new updated and revised edition of the world's best selling Lean book.

The Lean Toolbox – by Bicheno & Holweg

The Essential Guide to Lean Transformation

Now in the updated 5th edition with lots of revision and new material.

By John Bicheno, Professor at Buckingham University and Matthias Holweg, Professor at Cambridge Univeristy.

The Lean Toolbox is a one-size-fits all ressource for all Lean practitioners and students. The fact that it is sold in more than 100.000 copies worldwide is the best recommendation that a book can get.

The Lean chronology in the beginning of the book gives an interesting perspective of the (possible) development of lean since 1780.
Of couse Ohno, Toyoda, Shingo, Deming, Juran, Schonberger, Imai, Goldratt and many others (but not Drucker) are mentioned for their contributions.

The Lean Toolbox 5th Edition contains sections on Philosophy, Value and Waste, Lean Transformation Frameworks, Strategy, Planning, Deployment, Preparing for Flow, Mapping, Assessments and Analysis, Layout and Cell Design, Scheduling, Theory of Constraints and Factory Physics, Quality, Improvement, Managing Change, Sustainability – making change stick, New Product Development and Introduction, Creating the Lean Supply Chain, Accounting and Measurement, Lean – How it all came about, Further Resources.

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