Buckingham Lean Game, English

Buckingham Lean Game, English

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The Buckingham Lean game

This is the classic Lean game developed in the late 1980’s and formerly known as the Buckingham JIT Game.

The game has been supplied to hundreds of organizations, and is used by (amongst others) Cranfield, Warwick, Cardiff, Cambridge, Chalmers, Aalborg, Aarhus, Syddansk universities.

The game is not necessarily better than other big Lean Games; but it includes variation in demand, customer specific emergency orders, multiple products, changeover, the small machine principle, and mixed model scheduling.

The game is excellent to teach fundamental lean concepts such as flow, layout, cells, quality, 5S, and kanban.

The game has been revised several times and now includes the flexibility to run single piece or batch versions and a paint flow line or a heat treat unit.

The game is supplied with player sheets, instructor powerpoint and manual, and also includes boxes., timers, and lego.

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